NHS Institute For Innovation

The NHS Institute for Innovation was established in July 2005 to support the transformation of the NHS, through innovation, improvement and the adoption of best practice. We enable and support the NHS system to transform health and healthcare for patients through a strategy of creating inventive, clinically-led and tested practical ideas which will build skills and capability for continuous improvement.

It will be closing on 31 March, 2013 to be replaced by NHS Improving Quality.

So, in case it is not available under the new organisation we have taken a pdf copy of a report by Helen Bevan on Cost and Quality and quote a section from the report below.

“One of the most promising approaches for the future is a focus on reliability. Reliability is the capacity of the system to deliver what it should deliver without it going wrong. Reliability in a NHS context means the consistent execution of effective, evidence-based care processes across the organisation or the system. In our improvement work in the NHS, we typically see ‘defect rates’ in clinical processes averaging around 30 per cent. This means that NHS patients do not get the service they should get nearly a third of the time. NHS organisations that have been applying ‘Lean’ analysis to their clinical processes report that between 30 and 90 per cent of activities add no value to patients. Yet it is not all bad news. Across the NHS, we see an increasing number of teams using systematic redesign approaches to create lean, largely error free, processes that deliver consistent care and save money. For instance, teams that took part in a natural experiment to reduce variation in care processes achieved an average 25 per cent reduction in defect rates and an average saving of £65,000 per process.”

Note: “defect rates of 30 per cent” and “between 30 and 90 per cent of activities added no value to patients”.

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